domingo, 27 de abril de 2008

Kulto Maldito - Kulto a la Bestia (2008)

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Some fuckin' Death/Black Metal from Bolivia!!! Stay Brutal!!

Night to Die - All Evil Crying (1997)

Some fuckin' Folk melodic death metal eith flamenco influences!!

jueves, 24 de abril de 2008

DEATH MECHANISM Human Error Global Terror (2008)

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Some fuckin' Thrash Metal from Italy!! This guys are awesome!!

Prostitute Disfigurement - Descendants Of Depravity (2008)

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Some fuckin' Brutal Death from Holland!!

Moñigo - Copromo (2006)

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Some fuckin Grind / Death Metal from this band from Madrid!! Really pleasant cover... so... I'm hungry!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

L'Ordre du Temple - In Hoc Signo Vinces (2007)

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Some fuckin' Epic Medieval Black Metal!! Really good album!

Garden of Delight - Darkest Hour (2007)

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Some fuckin' Goth Rock! Sadly this band is splitted up!

Teufelswerk & Narrentanz - Minnemetal (2003)

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Some fuckin' Melodic Folk Metal from Germany!

Fuck Off and Die! - Anti All (2008)

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Some fuckin' Black Metal under a suggestive title, from Lituania!!

martes, 22 de abril de 2008

Raza de Odio - La nueva alarma (2004)

Some fuckin' Thrash/death metal with flamenco spanish influences!!

sábado, 19 de abril de 2008

Sirrah - Will Tomorrow Come (1997)

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Recorded February/March 1997 in Fonoplastykon Studio Wroclaw
and Studio of Radio Opole
Sound engineers: Jaœ Kidawa, Bartek Straburzyñski
Mix, editing, experiments: Bartek Straburzyñski
Mastering: Jaros³aw Regulski (Buffo Studio, Warsaw)
Photos: Jola Laitl
Cover design:Zygmunt Dru¿bicki, Mariusz Bruchacki, Bart Kopeæ, Jola Laitl
Executive producer: Tomasz Dziubiñski for Metal Mind Productions

The first 10 tracks version was called "Will Tomorrow Come?"

Also released as a digipack in the A4 shape, where the electronic/industrialbonus "Misconception" was added.
1. To Bring Order...
2. ...For the Sake of Nothing
3. Patron
4. Lash
5. Did Tomorrow Come
6. High Treason
7. Sepsis
8. Rhea
9. Madcap
10. Floor's Embrace
11. Misconception (Bonus track)

Some fuckin' Doom/Death metal from Poland!

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Beethoven's Last Night (2000)

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Jon Oliva (vocals, piano, keyboards, bass); Paul O'Neill (acoustic & electric

Dave Wittman (guitar, bass, drums);

Al Pitrelli (guitar, bass)

Chris Caffery (guitar)

Todd Reynolds, Paul Reynolds, Paul Woodiel, Mary Rowell, Laura Seaton-Finn,
Denise Stillwell (violin)

Mark Wood, Mark Ferris (viola)

Gary Yellin, Jonas Tauber, Dorothy Lawson (cello)

Robert Kinkel (piano, keyboards)

Johnny Lee Middleton (bass)

Jeff Plate (drums)

Patti Russo, Jody Ashworth, Guy Lemmonnier, Jamie Torcellini, Sylvia Tosun, Zak
Stevens, Dave Diamond, Doug Thoms (vocals)

Danielle Landherr, Marni Elliot, Sylvia Tosun, Robert Kinkel, Christian James,
Jacob Ashworth, Evan Maltby, Sebastian Perez, Caroline Ross (background vocals)
1. Overture
2. Midnight
3. Fate
4. What Good This Deafness
5. Mephistopheles
6. What Is Eternal
7. The Moment
8. Vienna
9. Mozart / Figaro
10. The Dreams Of Candlelight
11. Requiem (The Fifth)
12. I´ll Keep Your Secrets
13. The Dark
14. Für Elise
15. After The Fall
16. A Last Illusion
17. This Is Who You Are
18. Beethoven
19. Mephistopheles' Return
20. Misery
21. Who Is This Child
22. A Final Dream

Here Part 1!!
Here Part 2!!
Some fuckin' Orchestral/progressive rock/metal or whatever...!!

Loudness - Metal Mad (2008)

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Ultimo trabajo de estos japos.

1. Fire of Spirit
2. Metal Mad
3. High Flyer
4. Spellbound #9
5. Crimson Paradox
6. Black and White
7. Whatsoever
8. Call of the Reaper
9. Can't Find My Way
10. Gravity
11. Transformation

Here Pt1!!
Here Pt2!!
Some fuckin' Traditional Heavy Metal from another japanese band!!

Mega Mosh - Call to Account (1989)

1. Video Junkie
2. Foreign Experience
3. Rough Solution
4. It Ain't Funny
5. Hammer
6. No Place Like Home
7. Call to Account
8. No Chance to Survive
9. Mr. Brown
10. What's Your Problem
11. Chemical Goy
12. Apoplexy

Some fuckin' Thrash!!! German band from de 80's!!

Metalucifer - Heavy Metal NarokOsaka Chainsaw Massacre (2005)

Recorded Live Feb. 9th 2002

Limited to 666 handnumbered copies.
1. Intro
2. Heavy Metal is my Way
3. Heavy Metal Drill
4. MC.
5. Heavy Metal Chainsaw
6. MC.
7. Heavy Metal Samurai
8. MC.
9. Warriors Again
10. Warriors Ride on the Chariots
11. MC.
12. Flight of Iron Pegasus
13. Headbanging
14. Audience*
15. Heavy Metal Hunter
16. Outro

Some fuckin' japanese Traditional Heavy/Speed Metal!!

Circle II Circle - Delusions of Grandeur (2008)

Some fuckin' Progressive Power Metal!!!
Long time with no posts, but I'm back!!!