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Sirrah - Will Tomorrow Come (1997)

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Recorded February/March 1997 in Fonoplastykon Studio Wroclaw
and Studio of Radio Opole
Sound engineers: Jaœ Kidawa, Bartek Straburzyñski
Mix, editing, experiments: Bartek Straburzyñski
Mastering: Jaros³aw Regulski (Buffo Studio, Warsaw)
Photos: Jola Laitl
Cover design:Zygmunt Dru¿bicki, Mariusz Bruchacki, Bart Kopeæ, Jola Laitl
Executive producer: Tomasz Dziubiñski for Metal Mind Productions

The first 10 tracks version was called "Will Tomorrow Come?"

Also released as a digipack in the A4 shape, where the electronic/industrialbonus "Misconception" was added.
1. To Bring Order...
2. ...For the Sake of Nothing
3. Patron
4. Lash
5. Did Tomorrow Come
6. High Treason
7. Sepsis
8. Rhea
9. Madcap
10. Floor's Embrace
11. Misconception (Bonus track)

Some fuckin' Doom/Death metal from Poland!

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