martes, 26 de febrero de 2008

Graveyard - Into The Mausoleum (2007)

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Some fuckin' Death Metal!!

Bonus Info:

Later versions of the promo came with an intro & outro
1: Entrance (01:30)
6: Under the Shadow of Death (01:08)
(total play time 19:20)

Limited as a promo for Labels, Zines and Notable Persons in the late
eighties/early 90's European DeathMetal scene

Will be released in Mcd (Black Seeds Productions) and vinyl (Antichristian
Tape version by Ars Funebris Records and limited to 100 handnumbered copies
(comes with free button) and available on march 2008.
1. Into The Mausoleum 04:40
2. Ritual 03:42
3. One Of Them 04:23
4. King of The Graveyard 03:54
Total playing time 16:39

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