martes, 3 de abril de 2007

Trobar de Morte - Reverie (2006)

Trobar de Morte - Reverie [2006] [bestialinvasor]

Some fuckin' folk made in Barcelona. 100% recomended.

01 Tierra de Hadas
02 The Harp Of Dagda
03 Secret People
04 The Gnoms
05 Yule The End Of Darkness
06 Calling The Rain
07 The Song Of The Stones
08 Atalaya De Ses Animes
09 Arabian Night
10 Tempus Fugit
11 Pagan Medieval Dance
12 Excalibur
13 The Lost Dreams


6 comentarios:

תּﻴﻢﻤэҳϋѕﮱﻁﻴ dijo...

excelent music ;)

Jazmin dijo...

Good fucking folk. Have you heard the Moon and the Nightspirit? Remind me of em, sorta. Great stuff, keep up the awesome album postin >.>

bestialinvasor dijo...

Never heard about them, but found a cuople of albums. Now listenning and uploading in a short time!

Thanx for your comment!

bestialinvasor dijo...
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Cassandra dijo...

I'm searching for their lyrics, expecially for Reverie's lyrics... But I don't find them! =(
Do you know where can I find them?
Thanks a lot!


bestialinvasor dijo...

Try to find them here:
But need for registration.

I know it is a bit hart to find them.